I am currently a Senior Researcher at the Data Science Group, Institute for Basic Science, South Korea. I am currently working towards applying AI-based methods for Protein and Antibody Design applied to drug discovery. I am also interested in improving exploration and credit assignment in single-agent and multi-agent reinforcement learning. My main research interests involves Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and Bioinformatics. I have previous research experiences in Deep Reinforcement Learning applied to Robotics (continuous control, development of simulated environments, multi-agent systems), Speech Synthesis (corpus building and segmentation, statistical parametric speech synthesis), and Natural Language Processing (using sequence-to-sequence models and transformers). My personal interests include traveling, sports (football, kickboxing, skate, surfskate), music (classical guitar, cavaquinho) and reading (fantasy, science fiction, mountaineering).


2021.10-Present: Data Science Group, Institute for Basic Science, South Korea: Senior Researcher
2021.3-2021.9: Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, KAIST, South Korea: Postdoctoral Researcher


2017-2021: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST): PhD degree in Green Transportation (Thesis: Performance Enhancement in Multigoal Reinforcement Learning using Hindsight Experience Replay). Adviser: Dongsoo Har
2015-2017: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro: Master’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. (Dissertation: Comparison between rule-based and data-driven natural language processing algorithms for Brazilian Portuguese speech synthesis). Adviser: Fernando Gil Vianna Resende Junior
Summer 2013: Hyundai Motor Company Internship: Eco Vehicle Control System Development Team
2013: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST): Exchange Student at the Electrical Engineering department
2009-2015: Federal University of Rio de Janeiro: Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering

Current Projects

Development of AI-based method for drug discovery: Research on Protein/Antibody design methods using Deep Learning for the development of new therapeutics/vaccines.

Past Projects

AI World Cup: Robot Soccer competition. Software Developer. Author and Maintainer of the Python examples and support.

WCG AI Masters: Design and development of the online platform.

Robot Hand Project: Research in Reinforcement Learning algorithms for Robot Control.

EBS ESOF Platform: Design, curriculum design and back end development. Web platform to teach robotics and deep reinforcement learning using Webots and Google Blockly.


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  • IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics
  • IEEE Sensors
  • IEEE Transactions on Games
  • ICML LatinX Workshop 2021
  • AAAI ICWSM 2022

Curriculum Vitae in PDF